Navy SEALs Forge Alliance with Cypriot Navy UDT

Navy SEALs and SWCCs Train with Cypriot UDT

Story by LTJG Martin Carey, NSWG Two, Feb 14, 2024.

In a constant demonstration of partnership in the Eastern Mediterranean, U.S. East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare Operators (SEALs) and Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC) collaborated with Cypriot Navy Underwater Demolition Team (MYK) partners Jan. 22 – Feb. 14, 2024, refining their operational expertise in the maritime domain throughout waters surrounding Cyprus. This relationship serves as a powerful deterrent, showcasing a united front against potential threats to regional and maritime security in the area.

“Our partnership with the Cypriot Underwater Demolition Team sends a clear message to our adversaries. Together, we stand as a resolute force, ready to respond to any challenge and defend the shared interests of our nations,” said Capt. Bill Gallagher, Naval Special Warfare Group TWO Commodore. “This is not just a collaboration; it’s a crucible of excellence. Through joint endeavors, we fortify our capabilities and make clear that any aggression will be met with a swift, unyielding response.”

Navigating persistent waves, the SEALs and their Cypriot partners engaged in synchronized drills, honing their skills in covert operations, maritime operations, and Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) at sea. The intensity of these exercises reflects the unwavering commitment Naval Special Warfare has to training their personnel to ensure readiness and the ability to operate in dynamic maritime environments.

The on-site SEAL commander stated, “The interoperability and camaraderie displayed here transcend conventional military cooperation. These face-to-face iterations of training not only bolster our combat capabilities but ensures the U.S. and Cypriot relationship remains steadfast.”

The MYK special operations forces are highly skilled operators of the Cypriot Navy who conduct special reconnaissance, direct action, military assistance, combat search and rescue, and maritime operations to safeguard the interests of Cyprus and promote regional security.

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This story by LTJG Martin Carey was first published on February 14, 2024, by the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service. DVIDS content is in the public domain.

Photo: East Coast-based U.S. Naval Special Warfare Operators (SEALs) and Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC) conduct maritime training with Cypriot Underwater Demolition Command (MYK) forces near Limassol, Cyprus on Jan. 25, 2024. (Photo by Petty Officer 1st Class William Carlisle, January 25, 2024)