Desert Storm – 30 Years Ago the Gulf War Ended

M-3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Desert Storm

On February 28, 1991, the Gulf War came to an end. A coalition of international military forces, led by the United States, conducted an offensive that removed Iraqi forces from Kuwait. In August 1990, Iraq had invaded Kuwait claiming that the country on its southern border was historically a part of Iraq.

President George Bush assembled a coalition of nations to defend Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States from further aggressive Iraqi action and to eventually oust Iraq from Kuwait. The defense of the Arabian peninsular was called Desert Shield. The offensive military action to relieve Kuwait from Iraqi occupation was called Desert Storm. The air campaign began in mid-January 1991 – lasting over a month. The ground offensive lasted just 100 hours ending on February 28, 1991.


Photo: M-3 Bradley cavalry fighting vehicle. Desert Storm. Photograph from XVIII Airborne Corps History Office by SGT Randall M. Yackiel.

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